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As the summary above suggests this area of the law is wide ranging. Effectively the Firm has many years experience in advising, negotiating and if necessary litigating with regard to:

Property Disputes

This work involves advising and assisting on such matters as the ownership of property, the right to live in a property and the enforcement of mortgages.

Business Disputes

Our specialist lawyers can help in dealing with disputes between the owners/shareholders of a business as well as disputes between different businesses. This can range from straight forward contract disputes to more complicated disputes over the break up of a business.

Debt Claims

We frequently advice and assist in either the recovery of money or dealing with the situation where money is owed but cannot be repaid and how to try and solve the problem. This area of the law includes advice on bankruptcy. It also covers both personal and commercial debt situations.

Administration of Estates (Probate) Claims

This type of dispute relates to a dispute over an entitlement in the estate of someone who has recently died. This area of the law covers making a claim against an estate where someone believes that they ought to have received a share in that estate but did not or that their share is insufficient [An Inheritance Act Claim]. It can also cover the failure of Personal Representatives to either administer an Estate or the raising of concerns about the way in which the administration is being handled.

Landlord and Tenant

We have expertise in dealing with all aspects of residential tenancy disputes including matters such as rent arrears and the seeking of possession of rented property as well as defending possession proceedings.

Commercial Leases

Our expertise extends to similar issues in the field of commercial leases. The law is more complicated however, particularly with regard to the question of renewing leases and the strict time limits that apply.

Contract Disputes

Our expertise also extends into various types of contract disputes including Sale of Goods and Consumer Credit issues.